January 10, 2013

2013_Day 10 - Weather 101

Ok...here we are day 10 of 2013 and winter has returned. Lets recap yesterday. This is what its really like to live in this wonderful city of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. But, not everyday is like this

6:00am - Winds 24 km/h    -8 degrees with a chinook arch in the western sky
8:00am - Winds 40 km/h     0 degrees scattered cloud
10:00am - Winds 40 km/h   5 degrees more cloud - gusty
12:00pm - Winds 50 km/h   7 degrees and cloud
2:00pm - Winds 40 km/h     6 degrees and cloud
4:00pm - Winds 30 km/h     3 degrees and more cloud
6:00pm - Winds 20 km/h    -6 degrees cooling (wind changed direction) snowing

from this point on the snow and temperature has continued to fall into today (accumulation is now around 6-8 inches), and shows no sign of stopping soon. Although, if we look at the long term forcast, we can see that the overnight lows will be around -20 degrees for 2 days and then (this does not take into account windchills):

Today          Low= -21   High= -11
Friday          Low= -21   High= -15
Saturday      Low = -23   High= -11
Sunday        Low = -23   High= -9
Monday       Low = -16   High= -1
Tuesday       Low = -4     High= +3
Wednesday  Low = -4     High= +4

One has to remember that these big fluctuations in temperature create big pressure changes as well. For the average person with Migraine issues, this is what makes their life hell. I can only speculate what it must feel like inside their head before and after a chinook has blown through Calgary.

On another note, we look forward to these wonderful breaks in winter that raise temperatures enough sometimes to melt the snow and allow everyone to go outside and play for extended periods of time without freezing your ass off. Enjoy the good weather when its here, try to hide inside when its really cold.

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