August 02, 2011

The dog days

Everyone knows that once you pass into August, summer slowly fades away with the beauty of the vibrant summer sun.

As I sit here listening to Live365 for yet another day in serious of continuous moments, I can't help but wonder, has the American government lost control of the financial situation. Do they really know what is good for America anymore. Has the American become less a dream and more a fading memory. As America gets fatty at the seams, do they really know where they are going. Excess, commercialism, off-shore industrialization, and the new globalized economic order. Can and will the average american wake up and realize what is really happening? Are they lost on the information highway, waiting for their 15 minutes of fame. Is this the new American dream? No longer prefaced with hard work, ethics and determination to create what people need?

I am happy to say, that I am a Canadian. But we are just as prone to the same excesses and fork in the road that lead us to...temptation. I can only say, I watch with anticipation as the global market continues to spiral into the chaotic fibonacci curve.

Only Canadians can make a difference for canadians. I hope to be a part of it.

Keep it real...make a difference!!